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Jonging =  New Dance Music

One of the inspirations to develop new music is the discovery of a pleasing groove that can be energizing or soothing. The idea of Jonging is to combine jogging with dance movements that follow an energizing rhythm and take you on a journey. I share the impulse to create a new fad with thousands to millions of creators. I realized that intense, expensive promotion is usually required to create a new dance fad. The delight I enjoyed in doing several variations on the Jonging groove and theme was really the only reward I needed. The Jonging pieces were originally created in 2010 to 2011. My delight was renewed in 2017 when I remixed the whole project. (Composition and Performance by Stephen Gislason).

Here are some Jonging examples:

Listen to Jonging Bye

Listen to Jonging Four

Listen to Jonging Love