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Linda Ronstadt

Linda has been called the “Queen of Rock. Ronstadt was the top-selling female singer in the 1970's. She has pursued a remarkably diverse career in music, releasing 30 plus albums, moving from rock and roll to Broadway, teamed with composer Phillip Glass, recording ballads from the 40s and 50s with Nelson Riddle. In 1989 she released the album , Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind which sold 3 million copies in the US. The album included 4 songs with Aaron Neville. In my view Linda is exemplary - an example for all musicians to follow. To achieve what she has achieved, Linda had to be gifted, smart, versatile and good at collaboration with diverse people. I chose When Will I Be loved ? and "Don't Know Much" to arrange and record.

Don't Know Much (Ronstadt with Aaron Neville, 1989)

When Will I Be Loved?

Don't Know Much Lyrics

Look at this face
I know the years are showing
Look at this life
I still don't know where it's going

I don't know much
But I know I love you
That may be all
I need to know

Look at these eyes
They never seen what matters
Look at these dreams
So beaten and so battered

[repeat CHORUS]

So many questions
Still left unanswered
So much I've never
Broken through

And when I feel you near me
Sometimes I see so clearly
That only truth I've ever known
Is me and you

Look at this man
So blessed with inspiration
Look at this soul
Still searching for salvation

[repeat CHORUS]

I don't know much
But I know I love you
That may be all
There is to know

I first heard this song on my car radio while driving home in 2015. I phone the radio station and learned that this was a Linda Ronstadt song and later found the you tube recording. The arrangement was of great interest - liked the "glass harmonica" woven throughout the song. The young Linda was a great singer.

Heartbeats Accelerating - Linda Ronstadt

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