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Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire is an American funk band, formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1969. Led by Maurice White. They are known for their hits of the 1970s, among them "After the Love Has Gone", "September," "Reasons," "Fantasy" and "Shining Star." White had a vision of uplifting, inspirational music. He wrote: “Although we were basically jazz musicians, we played soul, funk, gospel, blues, jazz, rock and dance music … which somehow ended up becoming pop,” Mr. White wrote on the group’s website. “We were coming out of a decade of experimentation, mind expansion and cosmic awareness. I wanted our music to convey messages of universal love and harmony without force-feeding listeners’ spiritual content.” White died at age 74 in Feb 2016. See Peter Keep news NYT Feb. 4, 2016)

September was one of my favorites written by Allee Willis together with Maurice White and Al McKay from Earth, Wind & Fire. Willis said in an interview with Songfacts that the the "21st night of September" in the opening lyrics of September, isn't a significant date, "it's just something that sang really well." Listen to my arrangement of:


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