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  • The Beatles

    In Liverpool, 1957, John Lennon formed a band, the Quarrymen, and soon recruited guitarist Paul McCartney. George Harrison joined the Quarrymen in March 1958. They settled on the Beatles name in 1960 and the rest is history. During the ten years before the breakup in 1970, they became the world’s most popular and most copied pop/rock band in the history of music.

    The contributions that George Martin, the Beatles producer, who died at age 90, made to the Beatles’ recorded catalog were crucial, and although he was the first to say that most of the credit belongs to the band, many of the group’s greatest songs owe their sound and character to his inspired behind-the-scenes work. Martin added keyboard parts and orchestration to the Beatles’ recordings, Martin played a solo on “In My Life,” an autobiographical meditation by Lennon, on “Rubber Soul.” When the Beatles recorded the song, on Oct. 18, 1965, they left an instrumental verse open, to be filled with a solo, the nature of which was yet to be agreed upon. Martin decided to give it a Bachian twist, writing a part that had the character and ornamentation of a Two-Part Invention...“Strawberry Fields Forever,” was the first song recorded for the sessions that produced the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album. Lennon wrote this psychedelic dreamscape while filming “How I Won the War” in Almería, Spain, and recorded demos of all kinds — on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, with and without keyboard overdubs — before taking it to Abbey Road on Nov. 24, 1966. Lennon asked Martin to write an orchestral score which became a score for brass and cellos. (Allan Kozinn NYT March 9, 2016. George Martin, Redefining Producer Who Guided the Beatles, Dies MARCH 9, 2016 at age 90.)

    John stated that Elvis Presley was his main inspiration; but Presley later became an enemy who disapproved of Lennon’s anti-war activism and asked US President Richard Nixon to ban the group from entering the United States. Initial adulation and success turned into problems within the group and hostility toward the Beatles that grew, for example, in the reactionary US.

    Beatle songs arranged and performed by Stephen Gislason and recorded at Persona Digital Studio

    A little help from my friends
    Penny Lane
    When I'm 64
    And I love her
    Here Comes the Sun
    She's Leaving Home
    I Saw Her Standing There


    She's Leaving Home

    Little Help From My Friends

    Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band

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