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The Alpha Nutrition Program was designed to resolve common food related diseases. The book addresses a wide range of medical problems such as diabetes 2, arterial disease, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, skin disorders, fatigue, arthritis, weight-loss, and other common problems associated with food. People who feel "sick-all-over" or who suffer from chronic fatigue and chronic pain often improve on the program. Weight management is covered in a new and intelligent way. Common digestive problems are addressed. Several common health problems in children are resolved.

The central feature of the Alpha Nutrition Program is diet revision.  Dr. Stephen Gislason invented "diet revision therapy" in 1983. His method of diet revision has been tested by thousands of people. The program is designed as self-help and provides sufficiently detailed instructions that you can conduct your own diet revision therapy.

The development of the Alpha Nutrition Program began many years ago with observation that some food-selection patterns are associated with dysfunction and disease. In one person, for example, the daily ingestion of multigrain bread, milk, cheese, bran muffins, beef, coffee, orange juice, and wine is associated with chronic fatigue, sleepiness after eating, nose congestion, flushing, headaches, generalized aching, stiffness, and episodes of unexplained depression. When the food list is changed to rice, vegetables, chicken, peaches, and pears, the symptoms disappear and the person reports increased energy and a renewed sense of well-being. Similar observations are reported in a large sample of people of all ages. A variety of other dysfunctional patterns are found to improve with proper diet revision.

We reasoned that everyone probably has a small set of best-fit foods that would allow them to feel and function optimally. The first goal of therapy should then be to identify the simplest set of best foods for each person. The core-concept further developed as we kept score of adverse food reactions reported by patients and found that rice and common, cooked vegetables were among the best tolerated and most acceptable of all food choices.

Many terms have been used to describe solving health problems with diet revision: nutritional therapy, natural healing, diet therapy, cleansing, detoxification, fasting, and healing foods. The Alpha Nutrition Program incorporates all the best ideas in diet design and avoids the wrong ideas. The Alpha Nutrition Program incorporates the best features of popular approaches to diet design such as the Mediterranean Diet, DASH Diet, Heart Smart Diet, Pritikin Diet, Macrobiotic Diet. In addition the Alpha Program understands food allergy, an important cause of disease that is ignored in other diet designs.

The Alpha Nutrition Program is presented in three sections

Section 1 provides you with an understanding  of how the Alpha Nutrition Program works. You then consider where you come from - your attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle, and then you proceed to understand the stages of transformation as you pursue diet revision. The discussion of symptoms will help you to monitor yourself, your children and other family members.  Single people, couples and entire families do the program. Usually one person acts as the "leader" and supplies the main energy and direction for change. The program works well for children; mother is more often the leader when one child in the family needs help, and mother may need to involve the entire family to help one child. A separate chapter describes guiding children through the program. The Alpha Program food choices are explained.

Section 2 is the program food instructions. The program has three phases and each is explained in its own chapter. The food list and instructions for each phase are defined first. Predictions about changes are then described with problem-solving instructions. Three tracks through the program are described.  The goals are clearly defined for each phase and you are given instructions about what foods you should eat, what to expect, how to problem solve, and how to use nutritional tools such as the nutrient formulas, Alpha ENF and Alpha DMX.

Section 3 explains meal-planning and nutrition and provides additional information about topics of major concern.

The Alpha Nutrition Book of Cooking is a companion volume to the Alpha Nutrition Program. This text provides practical knowledge, helpful in understanding how to prepare foods and create recipes that are suitable for recovery from a variety of health problems.

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  • The Alpha Education series addresses important health issues and their solution. Our books are designed to give you clear and simple directions and at the same time to provide essential scientific information. To solve a medical problem, important changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle are required. Smart people, given the right information, should be able to self-manage and solve their health problems. Selected topics from each book are available in the centers focused on specific diseases. Everyone, who is interested in Nutritional Therapy, will need a copy of the Alpha Nutrition Program. The Author is Stephen Gislason MD.

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