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DMX Nutrient Values Per 25 Gram Serving

Vitamin A 800 iu Amino Acids Milligrams
Beta Carotene 7.5 mg l-alanine 478
Vitamin D3 200 iu l-arginine 897
Ascorbic Acid 200 mg l-aspartic acid 897
Vitamin E 200 mg l-cystine 143
Thiamine 20 mg l-glutamic acid 299
Riboflavin 4 mg l-glutamine 717
Niacinamide 50 mg l-glycine 1495
Pyridoxine HCl 50 mg l-histidine 318
Biotin 2 mg l-isoleucine 717
Pantothenate 50 mg l-leucine 957
Folic Acid 600 ug l-lysine HCl 897
Vitamin B12 40 ug l-methionine 538
Vitamin K2 120 ug l-phenylalanine 897
Potassium 800 mg l-proline 538
Calcium 270 mg l-serine 359
Copper 0.7 mg l-threonine 478
Magnesium 125 mg l-tryptophan 179
Zinc 5 mg l-tyrosine 598
Iodide 43 ug l-valine 598
Selenium 0.02 mg
Manganese 1.2 mg
Molybdenum 50 ug
Chromium 0.04 mg
Amino acids 12 Gm
Fiber 11 Gm

Alpha DMX is a bottle full of nutrients designed to is designed to achieve high nutrient density with reduced caloric intake. DMX is best mixed with frozen fruit, vegetables or as juices in a blender. Depending on your food tolerances, rice milk, soya milk and yogurt may be added to the DMX mix and blended. Calories are provided by the food added to the DMX mix and eaten during the day. The formula contains no fats. DMX daily dose 25 Grams as 2 servings of 12.5 grams twice a day. Sold in 500-Gram jars that supply 20 or more days of complete nutritional support.

Download DMX Instructions as a PDF file with complete formula information

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