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Symptoms as Information

A symptom is any unpleasant sensation which suggests that your body is not working properly. People have a great variety of symptoms which range from mild discomforts to incapacitating suffering. If we defined "normal" to mean that you have no symptoms, then there would be very few normal people.

Loud complaints such as severe pain usually get our attention. Pain should mean: "Stop everything and fix what's wrong." You may have learned to ignore less intense disturbances.  When symptoms are moderate to severe you usually seek some help or remedy. Generally people expect to take drugs or drug substitutes such as herbs to relieve symptoms.  A better idea is to remove the cause of symptoms.

Symptoms as Information

Symptoms are information. Pain and other discomforts are supposed to inform you and get you to change. If you pay attention to how your body responds on a daily basis, you will be more aware of the causes and patterns of your symptoms. to change symptoms you have to remove causes and you need to understand more about how symptoms are generated.

You need to learn how to  identify symptom triggers. You learn typical symptom sequences from the beginning to the end of each disturbance. You learn how to correct for recurrent symptoms without the use of drugs. Your goal is to stop being a victim of illness and become more successful at self-monitoring and self-regulation

Diagnostic classifications tend to be descriptive. A collection of symptoms is given a pattern and a syndrome name; thereafter, it becomes an entity. The word "depression" was just a description of a collection of symptoms, but has become a proper medical diagnosis by years of usage. The term depression still does not refer to a disease in the usual sense and does not describe the cause of the symptoms. 

The term "arthritis" simply describes joint inflammation. As we further categorize arthritis, we develop descriptive criteria for many different types of arthritis. The diagnosis "rheumatoid arthritis" requires a definite collection of symptoms, especially joint swelling and pain. Objective measurements give some diagnoses even more credibility.

A general state of hypersensitivity exists in many of the patients we see with symptoms arising from food, air and water sources. We believe that food-triggered hypersensitivity diseases are among the most common health problems in our society. Hypersensitive people may react to food, air, drugs, smell, people, ideas, and feelings in an exaggerated manner.

As new illnesses emerge, especially the multi-symptom problems of food-related illnesses, their victims pass through a limbo of ignorance and misunderstanding, often lasting years. Diagnostic categories always oversimplify a complex situation. A sick patient who does not fit into a standard diagnostic category tends to be ignored or dismissed. When a patient falls into this diagnostic limbo, curious things begin to happen. 

A number of "diagnostic default" explanations are often offered by physicians instead of proper diagnoses. Stress, tension, colds, flu, viruses, or references to psychosomatic illness are the favored defaults. Psychiatric diagnoses such as "depression" and "somatization disorder" are descriptions which often conceal the real nature of illnesses. We propose a process interpretation of dysfunction over a category definition. In other words, we are more inclined to ask, "What is the source of the problem and how does the problem develop in the body over what period of time?" These are more useful questions to answer than, "What is the problem called?" If we know more about the way of the disease, then we are better equipped to alter its progression, especially by removing its origin.

Most patients we see have a combination of health problems, extending over a long time period. They often complain of disturbances in many parts of their body. Their symptom list is long and perplexing. They have a multisystem, polysymptomatic disorder. In terms of our well-established diagnostic entities, these complex disorders may not be well understood and may be called Ill-Defined-Illness (IDI).

We recognize three basic truths:

First: Most of the diseases that lead to premature disability and death are caused by eating too much of the wrong food and exercising too little.

The second truth is that normal is not normal:  The foods implicated in causing illnesses are common foods that almost everyone eats.  To become a healthy person you have to redefine normal food.

The third truth is that each person is responsible for their own health. Rather than waiting for the next “miracle cure” for high blood pressure or diabetes 2, for example, responsible people get busy and fix the problem for themselves.

The Alpha Nutrition Program is a set of instructions and nutrient tools designed to resolve disease through diet revision. The program is nutritional therapy, a personal technology of health restoration and health maintenance.

The Program uses Nutrient Formulas: Alpha ENF is the principle meal replacement formula. Alpha PMX is a fat free version of Alpha ENF can also be used as food replacement. Alpha DMX is used instead of of Alpha ENF for diabetes 2 and whenever reduced caloric intake is desirable. 

Starter Packs bundle the Alpha Nutrition Program, with other books and formulas to help you get started solving your health problems. The starter packs are sold at discounts 30% or more to make it easier and affordable for you to learn more and try our nutrient formulas.


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