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Persona Digital

Persona Digital Online is a digital download service. eBooks are available in the Adobe PDF format. Some digital documents are free to download; others provide low cost access to valuable books, tutorials, audio and educational resources.

Persona Digital participates in the production and distribution of  Alpha Education Books,  designed for self-management of dysfunction and disease. The entire series is available for download. Persona Digital also distributes Alpha Nutrition formula information, tutorials, and user guides as PDF files for download

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Update on Alpha Nutrition Formulas

Looking at a challenging  2012. Our formula business involves great complexity, international suppliers and increasing costs. for example one of our main suppliers sent us a letter stating: "During 2011 we have seen increases in many commodity markets and changes in global economic conditions that are continuing to result in significant increases in the cost of goods. Despite working diligently with our suppliers and principals we are unable to absorb these increases and are forced to pass on increases to our customers. We thank you in advance for your continued business and understanding during these difficult market conditions." We have received similar messages from other suppliers. Our ingredient and  freight costs have escalated dramatically. By drastically reducing our local overhead we have continued to offer low prices and quantity discounts online thru 2011. As we better  understand the increasing costs, in January 2012 we will adjusting our prices, and reducing our discounts. 

Shipping Costs continue to rise. Our solution is use lower cost expedited mail for all shipments. Plan ahead and allow 10 days or more for delivery. If faster delivery is really required, please comment in your order and we send you an email with a quote on the express delivery cost. Delivery times vary with your location, weather, natural disasters and politics. All we can  say is that it is an increasingly unpredictable world and post office performance is just one measure of how well your infrastructures are coping with changing circumstances.

Changes in Formula Ingredients Nov 2011

Our challenge is to maintain a supply chain for ingredients. We have been making elemental nutrient formulas for 20 years and tried to stay with original ingredient manufacturers, but this has proved to be impossible. In recent years, the supply chain has become, at best, more expensive and unstable. When we find new ingredient suppliers we do our best to maintain consistency but give priority to the nutrient chemistry. There are inevitable small differences in ingredient specs. The fibre component of the formula has been a mix of methyl cellulose and carboxymethylcellulose; we recently increased the % of the latter  which thickens the mix and offers more benefits to the digestive tract. This fibre forms a soft gel in water. There are also small changes in particle size of some vitamins and amino acids that influence the rate of solution in water and color which is paler than before. Beta carotene provides the orange/yellow color- we have been using 1% betacarotene with a mix of other ingredients that had a darker color than the new beta carotene preparation. Our testing has reassured us that the function has not changed. None of the changes are apparent to users who mix the formulas in a blender with juices, fruits, or other foods such as rice and soya milks.

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The cost of orders in US funds depends on the exchange rate allowed by your credit card bank.  We charge your credit card account in Canadian $ and you get the exchange rate offered by your credit card company. Exchange rates have been volatile and we have no control over and no ability to predict the daily rate. When you pay by Pay Pal the actual cost in US dollars is shown as you complete the transaction.

At Alpha Nutrition Online, we are dedicated to the helping people find solutions for health problems. We emphasize self-help and apply the best information available from basic science and medical studies.

Alpha Nutrition is a trademark and a division of  Environmed Research Inc. Persona Digital is a separate online site dedicated to distributing eBooks and other digital documents. Environmed was founded in 1984 at Vancouver, BC, Canada Online Since 1995. You are at Alpha Online.


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