Environmed Research Inc.

Company Information

Founded in 1984

in Vancouver BC

Environmed Research Inc.

Intelligent Solutions

Environmed Research Inc. was founded in 1984 In Vancouver, British Columbia by Stephen Gislason MD.  In Vancouver, Environmed Research became a publisher, an information hub, an educational group, a support system, a manufacturer of nutrient formulas and developer of the Alpha Nutrition Program, a basic strategy of nutritional medicine. Our first website was created in 1995.

Alpha Online is the main website developed by Environmed Research that makes medical information available online as a public service. We have in mind people who independently seek responsible information and are accustomed to making their own decisions. 

Persona Digital Studio grew from Environmed's technical and computing facilities and as become an associated enterprise with music production and book publishing. Persona Digital Online is committed to an international distribution of music and book downloads.

Nutrient Formulas

The first elemental nutrient formulas were developed and tested in 1989 and marketed in 1991 under the brand name ENFood. Alpha Nutrition was introduced as a registered trade name for formulas and publications in 1998. ENFood became Alpha ENF and other elemental nutrient formulas followed the the Alpha Nutrition brand.

Alpha Education Books

These books over a range of topics and suggestions for practical solutions and management of the most common diseases. We emphasize self-help and apply the best information available from basic science and medical studies. We are interested in the intelligent application of nutritional science.

Persona Digital

Persona Digital publishes a series of books on current topics in psychology, sociology, neuroscience and philosophy -- available from Alpha Online and Persona Digital Online. These books have been written by Stephen Gislason and go beyond the practical applications described in the Alpha Education series.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Environmed Research does not offer medical services. We provide educational services that should not be confused with medical diagnosis or treatment recommendations. It is our belief that if you are well informed, well motivated, and are an honest, responsible person, you can make decisions about your own management and benefit from our educational services. However, you are responsible for your own health care decisions.

We regularly receive requests for advice on managing an illness. Many of these requests can be answered by a more careful reading of texts online and reading our publications. If you are interested in solving a health problem using nutritional therapy, consider ordering and reading the Alpha Nutrition Program Manual. Or you can start by ordering one of the Alpha Nutrition Starter Packs that addresses your needs. This is an Internet Online Service and we expect email correspondence. Direct Interaction with Alpha Nutrition is limited to Internet Online Ordering and eMail.

We deliver to all locations in the USA. US customers receive a generous dollar exchange benefit when you order online. Alpha Online delivers physical shipments to all locations in the USA. Exchange rates change every day. Persona Online offers a download service; prices are in US dollars

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Alpha Nutrition is a registered trademark of Environmed Research Inc.

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