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Everly Brothers

The Everlys, Don and Phil, just out of high school, recorded "Bye Bye Love" in 1957 which reached No. 2 on the pop charts, behind Elvis Presley's " Teddy Bear", and No. 1 on the country charts.[11] The song was written, by Felice Bryant and Diadorius Boudleaux Bryant, an American husband and wife country music and pop songwriting team who won 59 BMI country, pop, and R&B music awards. In 1972 they were inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, in 1986 into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, in 1991 into the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

The Everly Brothers were seminal in creating country style rock and roll with steel-string guitars and two part harmony singing. They wrote several hit songs such as Till I Kissed You, Cathy's Clown, and When Will I Be Loved ( which became hits for Reba McEntire and Linda Ronstadt.) Ronstadt's recording of When Will I Be Loved is one of my favorites.

Don and Phil Everly were elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. On October 25, 2014, after Phil died , Don Everly sang Bye Bye Love at the Annual Music Masters (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.) The song has been covered by many bands and singers.

The brothers music influenced the evolution of rock. Their style was copied by rock groups of the 1960s. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel developed their style by performing Everly covers. The Bee Gees, the Hollies, and other rock and roll groups that feature harmony singing were also influenced. The Beatles referred to themselves as "the English Everly Brothers". Keith Richards called Don Everly "one of the finest rhythm players"] Paul Simon said, the day after Phil's death, "Phil and Don were the most beautiful sounding duo I ever heard. Both voices pristine and soulful. The Everlys were there at the crossroads of country and R&B. They witnessed and were part of the birth of rock and roll."

I recall many of their songs with nostalgic affection and decided to arrange and record my favorite Bye Bye Love.

Bye Bye Love