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In 1967, Chicago musicians Robert Lamm, James Pankow, Walter Parazaider, Lee Loughnane, Terry Kath, Peter Cetera, and Danny Seraphine formed a new group to create "a rock 'n' roll band with horns." The band was prolific for many years producing 20 Top Ten singles, 12 Top Ten albums and sales of more than 120 million records. First album: Kath, Pankow, and especially Lamm were writing original material, with Lamm completing two of the group's most memorable songs, "Questions 67 and 68" and "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"

Chicago was formed in 1967, the year I graduated from medical school. The band appealed to me because the jazzy arrangements and a steady flow of good tunes. They recorded their first album in 1969, Chicago Transit Authority. Their first hit song was Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is ? The album was an underground hit on FM radio with college audiences and later became a Billboard magazine top LP where it stayed until the end of 1972. They recorded a second album in 1969: Lamm wrote 25 0r 6 To 4 which became a hit in the the summer of 1970. A succession of albums followed. In Chicago VII (1974), Cetera's song, Wishing You Were Here. became an all time favorite. Chicago IX was a greatest hits collection. Chicago X (1976) contained Cetera's If You Leave Me Now became a Billboard singles chart topper. The album X went platinum record, selling a million copies in three months.

The P2500 Band has recorded Stephen Gislason's arrangements of:

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (Lamm)
25 or 6 To 4 (Lamm)
If you leave me now (Cetera)
Color My World
Saturday in the Park
Wishing You Were Here (Cetera)

Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?

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