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    The web pages at Persona Digital use the latest and best HTML 5 level of coding. Older web browsers may fail to show page content and audio players.

    To enjoy all the features of out web pages we recommend the most recent version of Google Chrome and the Android OS on smart phones and tablets. Microsoft explorer 11 works well but earlier versions will not. The new Microsoft browser "edge" in windows 10 is fine. You Tube is now using the HTML 5 video player. We have attempted to use our audio players in Explorer 9 with some success. We were alarmed to realize that about 40% of our audience are using Explorer 8 which is a bust. We encourage these users to update their browser ASAP.

    Test your audio playing should see a player bar with the start/stop controls, a timer and volume control. If you don't see this, you need to update your browser.

    Play Air on a G String, JS Bach -Digital Bach

    Bigger Screens are Better

    Screen size is the deciding factor when you attempt to read and understand information-rich web pages. A laptop, or better, a desktop computer are best suited for meaningful reading and interaction. We know that people who attempt to read our webpages and books on smart phones cannot enjoy the full benefit of our best efforts. They have difficulty understanding the rich information we provide and often cannot handle transactions online. They only get a small sample of what we offer. We use dual 25" monitors in our office workstations and enjoy lsitening to music and reading Web Pages and PDF files. To us, attempting to read meaningful text on a smart phone or small tablet can become an exercise in frustration.

    Music Studio

    The Persona Studio is built for electronic music production. A distinction can be made between electronic recordings of musicians playing acoustic instruments into microphones and recordings of instruments that have audio outputs. As soon as an acoustic instrument's sound wave production in air is captured by a microphone, the music path is electronic until the electronic wave is returned to air waves by a speaker. We do have acoustic instruments and microphones at Persona Studio, but 90% of the music recorded here is produced by keyboards playing electronic instruments and other instruments such as electric guitars that have audio outs. The language of music communication among our instruments is MIDI. We have an advanced interest in how our brains process sounds and have generated a number of interesting psychoacoustic effects. Our in house music production creates audiophile quality recordings presented as CD's, DVDs, and singles and albums for Download.

    Some Music Releases

    Digital Bach for the 21st Century are recordings derived from the complete works of JS Bach, edited, transcribed and arranged for synthesizer by Stephen Gislason and recorded at Persona Digital Studio. The project began in 2006, revised recordings have been issued for 2018.

    Counterpoint for Genius

    Persona Studio

    New Music - World Within