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Dance Disco-Trance Resurrected

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) developed in the 1970s. Dance music nightclubs (discos), radio stations, shows became popular. After many years living outside of urban centers, I returned to Vancouver and explored a variety of discotheques. The essentials were a dance floor, beer and liquor, drugs, big speakers and loud sound. Often A DJ presided over the deafening festivities. The electronic music that became popular was also heard in the aerobics classes in fitness centers.

"By the late 1970s many major US cities had thriving disco club scenes which were centered around discothèques, nightclubs, and private loft parties where DJs would play disco hits through powerful PA systems for the dancers. The DJs played "... a smooth mix of long single records to keep people 'dancing all night long. Some of the most prestigious clubs had elaborate lighting systems that throbbed to the beat of the music..."

The sound sample looping and sequencing that began with disco developed into trance, house and techno music. Computers and increasingly sophisticated software became the heart of recording studios and permitted people with little or no music training to produce music albums.

P2500 Band Music arranged by Stephen Gislason

  1. Le Freak
  2. Runaway
  3. Ladies Night
  4. One More Time
  5. Lucky Star
  6. Dear Lady
  7. Children
  8. Tribal dance
  9. Your Woman

These Persona recordings were created in 2008-9 and remixed July 2016. My goal was to retain musical qualities including melody, harmony rhythmic variations, and interesting instrumental timbres. A percussion groove is, of course, essential to the dance music genre. I enjoyed doing the remixes but would not seek a steady diet of disco-trance.

Le Freak


Dear Lady

Your Woman