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  • Counterpoint for Genius Volume 1

    Created by Stephen Gislason

    My Counterpoint for Genius series is a collection of four albums that has evolved over several years though experimentation with a number of transcriptions of Bach pieces, many from the religious Cantatas, mixed with different voicing and, different tempos and transpositions. Mozart has received the most attention as the composer of smart music. Bach excels. I realized that many of the Bach pieces I recorded were among the best examples of contrapuntal composition and that counterpoint was the perfect brain exercise.

    My approach to a Bach score is to find the really interesting melodies and counterpoint first and assign these parts to the new instruments in my orchestra. I omit many parts that seem distracting or non-essential. Some of the string parts are fast, articulated passages that can become tedious. I reassign these passages to a variety of keyboards that perform the fast notes with greater precision. I delight (as Glen Gould did ) in giving each note individual attention by fine tuning the articulation and duration during editing.

    Volume One contains excerpts from Cantatas 1 to 19.


    Here are three pieces from Counterpoint for Genius Volume 1

    Cantata BWV 19-5

    Cantata BWV1-1

    Cantata BWV1-3

    Digital Bach for the 21 Century A Persona Digital Studio Production

    Stephen Gislason Arranger & Performer