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  • Bach B Minor Mass

    There are 27 episodes in the B minor mass. I have taken several of these episodes and recomposed them with different voicing, tempos, shortened some an lengthened others. In 1733, Bach presented Kyrie and Gloria from his early attempts to write a Catholic Mass. Later, he finished the complete Mass, by adapting parts from his cantatas. Scholar suggested that Bach never heard the entire piece performed. I have heard inspiring modern performances with an orchestra, soloists and a large choir.

    The score I worked from had 4 string parts, 4 solo vocal parts, choir, harpsichord, woodwinds, trumpets, bassoon, and flute. I changed the voicing completely, deleted some ornamentation, altered some notes, sharpened articulations, and featured my flugelhorn instead of a soprano voice. I transformed several episodes from the Mass and treated them as Cantata re-compositions.

    B Minor Mass 9

    B Minor Mass Dona