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Alpha Nutrition is a division
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You will purchase a fully functional ecommerce website. You will to buy a license with technology transfers and an intellectual property package that would allow you to manufacture and distribute Alpha Nutrition formulas, books and services in your geographically defined market and to sell these products online. You are making an offer to Environmed Research Inc. a private company incorporated in British Columbia, BC, Canada and company President and CEO, Stephen Gislason MD, the inventor of Alpha Nutrition formulas and author of the Alpha Nutrition Health Education Series of Books.

You need to provide physical space, business skills and leadership. Cash flow will be prompt if startup is well-organized. We claim expertise in the science that backs up our product designs, but admit to limited ability to expand marketing efforts. We provide the technology and you provide the marketing skills and energy. The result will be an explosive growth of sales. All pundits agree that food-related illnesses form a health disaster tsunami that is overwhelming all heath care systems. Join us in solving these menacing medical problems.

Step 1 Assess the capabilities of your company.

Sales Ability

We have explored different levels of business activity and recommend direct sales using the internet as a primary method of sales. Other direct marketing strategies require development. Retail sales are a frontier that would require an advertising budget and a different approach to production and pricing. We strongly advocate co-marketing of Alpha Nutrition products. If you want to reduce human suffering and can imagine converting McDonalds to an Alpha Nutrition health recovery franchise, you are on the right track.

Alpha Education Publications are a rich resource that need to be marketed as state of the art self-help books. The current publications are directed to sophisticated readers. There is an opportunity to simplify the books to reach a wider audience and to develop multimedia teaching aids. Every school, company, insurance group, HMO and government health promotion agency should be interested in teaching the information we provide.

Alpha Nutrition formula sales require customer education. Our current strategy is to provide a generous amounts of information online and follow online information with book sales and after sales support. The three educative functions are well-established. Creative presentation and marketing skills are needed to expand the three functions and the three income streams.

Product Pricing: You will need to review and adjust pricing, depending on your manufacturing and administrative cost, and local market conditions.

Book publishing on demand has become an extension of normal office equipment and skills. We will provide books, user instructions and pamphlets as Microsoft word files and/or PDF files. A bigger and better marketing path will include reformatting the books to suite a variety of markets and moving to larger scale printing and retail distribution of perfect bound books.

Formula Manufacturing Requires special knowledge, some skills and a minimum investment in equipment. Alpha Formulas require separation from other food and pharmaceutical ingredients but otherwise can be incorporated into food and drug processing facilities. We provide label designs as disc files that can be modified to show your company information.

Steps to Startup

Our negotiations with you will establish the initial purchase price. We will correspond with you by email, regular mail, talk on the phone and send you the documents you need on CDs. In addition, we will convert an ecommerce website to suite your needs. We propose to allow 3 months for the educational and planning stage of business transfer. In the following 3 months, you will begin formula production and will schedule the launch of your website ready to receive and ship online orders.

To begin with, please send us email correspondence to the email address below. We look forward to hearing from you. alpha@dccnet.com


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