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What Is Nutrition ?

The term “nutrition” means mean a lot of different things to different people. Some people adopt the term as a professional label; many companies borrow the term to claim a relationship to professional nutrition. Universities may have departments of nutrition. Often the study of nutrition is disconnected from the real world of agricultural practices, food processing and distribution. The intense marketing efforts of food and drug companies flood the media with deliberately biased information that confuses everyone.

A majority of health problems are food-related; so these problems get a lot of our attention.
There are two aspects to nutrition:

1 The normal play of nutrients in the body.

2 The real story of complex food-body interactions with disease-causing problems.

The information and insights offered at this web site are intended to clarify some of the complex issues of food and nutrition and bring you to a practical strategy of solving health problems through nutritional therapy.

Food is the most intimate part of the environment because we ingest it. When something goes wrong, it makes good sense to look at the flow of substances through the mouth for the source of the problem. We look not only at the composition of the food but also, and more importantly, at the interaction of the ingested molecules with body. Adverse reactions to food are common and produce many disturbances by a variety of mechanisms. Diagnosing adverse reactions to food is an important task of clinical medicine, despite the fact that it is not currently taught in medical schools.


Diet refers to the combination of foods that a person eats everyday. Diets in the modern world contain an eclectic assortment of foods, often relying on processed "fast foods".

It is reasonable to conclude that the wrong diet leads to dysfunction and disease.  Constant parade of fad diets supports several industries: books, magazines, TV shows, weight loss programs. Most of this activity if delusional and futile. In 2004, for example. a low carbo diet fad spread from the USA to Canada and other countries. Marketing organizations under brand names such as "Atkins Diet" and South Beach Diet created the fad. Concerned that popular low-carbohydrate diets are nutritionally unsound, Health Canada responded with regulations that prevent manufacturers from making low-carb claims for their products... the new labeling rules were designed to be compatible with the Canada Food Guide, which recommends that adults get 45 to 65 per cent of their daily calories from carbohydrates. Based on a typical 2,000-calorie diet, that translates to 225 to 325 grams of carbohydrates per day."

The popular misconception of a Mediterranean Diet has become a standard cliché in medical circles. Mediterranean countries are numerous and diverse with a great variety of cuisines. Even if you focus on Italy, you do not find a single diet but a great diversity of cuisines.

Nutritional Therapy

Anyone with an interest in Nutritional Therapy will want to read about, understand and use the Alpha Nutrition Program. This deceptively simple technology solves common food-related health problems. Alpha Nutrition specializes in elemental nutrient formulas, the pure expression of nutrient biochemistry. We use the concept of nutrient modules to create nutrient formulas. A definition of modules is: a unit that is combined with others to form a larger structure or system, and is self-contained enough to be easily rearranged, replaced, or interchanged to form different structures or systems.

We provide a choice of nutrient modules so that food can be replaced, nutrient intake can be supplemented and balanced in a variety of ways. These precise nutrient sets are formulated by assembling nutrients into modules that supply energy, electrolytes, antioxidants, phosphate, vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitter substrates and amino acids as the protein building blocks. The formulas are all packaged as dry powders to be mixed with water or juices and taken orally.

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