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The Program uses Nutrient Formulas: Alpha ENF is the principle meal replacement formula. Alpha PMX is a fat free version of Alpha ENF can also be used as food replacement. Alpha DMX is used instead of of Alpha ENF for diabetes 2 and whenever reduced caloric intake is desirable. 

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Alpha Education Books  There are 19 books in this series  that give you clear directions and  provide essential scientific information. The books are written to an intelligent reader who has an unusual interest and ability to learn and organize self-management.  Smart people, given the right information, should be able to self-manage, prevent or solve many of their health problems.

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Chronic and Interstitial Cystitis

Bladder and urethral symptoms, especially urgency and frequency of and burning on urination, may be caused by food ingredients that are being excreted and are common symptoms of delayed pattern food allergy. The first diagnosis to be considered is infection, but if  urine cultures do not show growth of bacteria and bladder irritation is prolonged or recurrent, food sources should be considered.

Women who suffer recurrent vaginal irritation or burning on urination (vaginitis, urethritis) may have a food allergy, a local allergy, or infection. Allergens can present both on the surface (e.g. allergy to sex partner's semen) or internally, from circulating allergens.  The surfaces of the genitourinary tract should be thought of as similar to the respiratory and gastrointestinal surfaces, with similar allergic reactions. If milk, wheat, and egg allergy can cause rhinitis, they can also cause vaginitis, urethritis, and cystitis!

Diet Revision should be considered when symptoms, suggestive of cystitis or urethritis, are recurrent and not explained by laboratory-documented infections.  Some patients with chronic "interstitial cystitis" improve dramatically after food intake is replaced by Alpha ENF. Most patients with this disease can safely try Alpha ENF for 10 days or longer to discover if they can clear their symptoms.  

Alpha ENF:  Often, full recovery involves a food holiday. Alpha ENF can be used as a completely absorbed, fully nourishing food-replacement. Alpha ENF can be used to supply nutrients that may be in short supply - such as amino acids, B vitamins, vitamins D and B12 and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc.

If the food holiday experiment is successful food is reintroduce carefully following the instructions in the Alpha Nutrition Program.

We think that  proteins in general are high-risk food components in genitourinary disease and we are concerned about the adverse effects of hydrolyzed proteins. Gluten, the proteins in wheat, rye, barley and oats  are definitively excluded but other high risk proteins are albumin from eggs and milk, globulin and casein from milk, muscle proteins from meat,  and  soy proteins.  When you begin diet revision you avoid eating all these proteins. Their use is postponed until full recovery has been achieved.. Proteins from vegetable sources appear to be better tolerated. Meal replacement formulas made with milk, egg or soy proteins should be avoided. All body-building protein powders are avoided.

Alpha ENF avoids all the protein problems by supplying the nutrient requirement with pure amino acids. The amino acid content of Alpha ENF will supplement or replace dietary protein. The most definitive rest and recovery technique is to take a Food Holiday

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Nephritis/Kidney Disease

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The Alpha Nutrition Program is a set of instructions and nutrient tools designed to resolve disease through diet revision. The program is nutritional therapy, a personal technology of health restoration and health maintenance.

Other Alpha Education Books refer to the Alpha Nutrition Program, a standard method of diet revision. 
The Program incorporates the optional use of nutrient formulas: Alpha ENF is the principle meal replacement formula. Alpha PMX is a fat free version of Alpha ENF  that can be used as food replacement. Alpha DMX is used instead of of Alpha ENF for diabetes 2 and whenever reduced caloric intake is desirable.


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