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eBooks are an excellent way to access our detailed information. When you are interested in a topic but hesitate to order a printed book, download the eBook version at low cost with no shipping charges. You can download a free eBook to get started. eBooks can be downloaded to most countries, if you can make payments through Pay Pal. If your country is not on our list, please send us an email and we will add it ASAP.

Alpha Online offers 2 series of eBooks for Download.

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Printed books retain the pleasure of holding a real book but printing on paper and distributing books to readers involves many layers of costs and environmental degradation that can be avoided with electronic distribution of information and entertainment.

After two decades of experimentation with eBook formats and readers, we have had the best results with Adobe PDF files as downloads. The only stipulation is that the receiving device can store, read, and properly display PDF files. Desktop computers offer luxurious accommodation - big screens, big keyboards, and big storage capacity and are the best options for serious learning and work. Smart phones with internet access, reading and writing capabilities are becoming the new personal digital assistants. Several smart phones with larger, full color screens will display a microscopic version of webpages and eBooks. We continue to have misgivings about attempting to read books on small screens.

eBooks as Adobe PDF Files

PDF files are the standard for electronic document distribution worldwide. Adobe has provide free downloads of their PDF reader for many years. Most regular computer users already have Adobe's Reader installed and the reader is integrated into Microsoft's internet explorer. The program is updated regularly as a free service. Adobe PDF files are compact and can be shared, viewed, and navigated by everyone. When you use the Adobe Reader on a laptop or desktop computer you can click on a topic in the table of contents. In some versions you can use bookmarks to jump thru the text. You can also use the search (find) function to look for keywords or phrases. Our books allow you to mark, copy, paste and print text.

Bigger Screens are Better

Screen size is the deciding factor when you attempt to read and understand the contents of an eBook. A 10" tablet, laptop or better, a desktop computer are best suited for meaningful reading and interaction. We hope that readers will study our books. To accomplish meaningful learning you need a larger format display.

We know that people who attempt to read our webpages and books on smart phones cannot enjoy the full benefit of our best efforts. They have difficulty understanding the rich information we provide and often cannot handle transactions online. They only get a small sample of what we offer. We use dual 25" monitors in our office workstations and enjoy reading Web Pages and PDF files. To us, attempting to read meaningful text on a smart phone or small tablet can become an exercise in frustration.

The Alpha Online site is programmed for physical shipments to the US and Canada. eBook downloads from Alpha Online can be ordered from many more countries, using Pay Pal as payment for immediate downloads. We encourage everyone to order eBooks rather than print books. The cost of shipping books is increasing. eBooks are low cost with no shipping charges. Downloads are immediate. eBooks are portable and can be sent anywhere in the world with no shipping cost. eBooks are a good way to review a book before you decide to buy a printed version. eBooks are printable, you can copy selected texts and paste into a word processor.

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Formulas and Printed books are shipped to all destinations in Canada and USA.
Prices are listed in Canadian dollars. US $ cost is lower depending on the daily dollar exchange rate.

Starter Packs are bundles of books and formulas that help you get started solving your health problems. Starter packs are sold at a discount to make it easy and affordable for you to learn more and try out the formula. Starter packs include 2 books, the Alpha Nutrition Program, and an additional book that explains in detail your health problem plus one 500 Gram jar of nutrient formula. You can try the nutrient formula, evaluate its effects and learn how you can use it as a tool of nutritional therapy to help solve your health problem. After reading the program instructions, you decide when you want to start the program, order more formula and get busy solving your health problems. If you are not ready for a starter pack, order books separately.

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Alpha Education Books: The books in this series that address important health issues and their solution. Everyone, who is interested in Nutritional Therapy, will need a copy of the Alpha Nutrition Program. The Author is Stephen Gislason MD. All books can be downloaded as PDF files. Click the add to cart buttons to begin your order for printed books for mail delivery to the USA and Canada. Click the Download buttons to order eBooks for download. Click the book titles (center column) to read topics from each book.

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Alpha Program
Aching & Fatigue
Air & Breathing
  Alpha Cooking
Alcohol Problems 
Gluten Problems 
Managing Diabetes 2
  Eating & Weight
  Skin Disease
Feeding Children
  Human Brain i
Food Allergy
Digestive Disorders
  Food Choices
   Arterial Disease
  Immunology Notes
Inflammatory Arthritis
  Nutrition Notes

Order Persona Digital  books on current topics in psychology, sociology, neuroscience and philosophy. eBooks and can be downloaded to any destination on the planet. Printed books and eBooks are ordered from Alpha Online.

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The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is the standard for electronic document (eBook ) distribution worldwide. Adobe PDF preserves fonts, formatting, graphics, and colors in source documents. Adobe PDF files are compact and can be shared, viewed, and navigated by anyone with free software. Most regular computer users already have Adobe's Reader installed and the reader is integrated into Microsoft's internet explorer.

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