Gluten = Proteins From Cereal Grains
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Gluten Problems and Solutions by Stephen Gislason MD

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Some Topics from the book

Dr Gislason's Preface
What is Gluten?
What is Celiac Disease?
Diseases Related to Celiac Disease
Gluten Allergy
Digestive Tract Permeability
Gluten-Free Diet Revision
Celiac Diagnosis
Gluten and the Brain
Gluten and Lung Disease
Gluten and Liver Disease
Gluten and Kidney Disease
Dermatitis Herpetiformis
Celiac Disease & Cancer

Celiac, food caused immune-mediated disease

Immune responses to gluten, the proteins found in cereal grains are a common cause of immune-mediated diseases. In celiac disease, the gastrointestinal tract is the primary target organ; however systemic disease is an important consequence of cereal grain ingestion in many patients. We think that the people diagnosed with celiac disease are a sub-population of a much larger group with gluten allergy. 

Often, an assortment of related whole-body problems accompanies celiac disease. We think the related problems are typical of delayed patterns of food allergy and use celiac disease research information to create a model of food allergy. Celiac patients have increased gastrointestinal permeability and demonstrate the whole-body effects of food allergy, including brain dysfunction, arthritis, and inflammatory lung disease.

Gluten is a Prolific Cause of Disease

The classic presentation of celiac disease is chronic diarrhea, with abdominal bloating, sometimes pain, weight loss, iron deficiency and other evidence of nutrient malabsorption. The disease is immune mediated.  Immune responses to gluten in the digestive tact are just the beginning for remarkably prolific disease-causing mechanism that can affect every tissue in the body. For example...

Allergy to gluten is a common cause of eczema, hives and asthma. Lubrano et al evaluated the overall prevalence of joint involvement in 200 adult celiac patients An arthritis was present in 26% of patients. Prevalence ranged from 41% in patients on a regular diet to 21.6% in patients on a gluten-free diet. Arthritis was peripheral in 19 patients, axial in 15 and an overlap of both in 18 subjects. Their data suggest that arthritis is more common than previous reported. Arthritis occurring in 21.6% of patients on a gluten-free diet suggests that other food allergens may be responsible - cow's milk, eggs, meat and soya protein would have to be considered high risk foods and further diet revision undertaken. Carcinoma of the pharynx and esophagus, and adenocarcinoma of the small intestine, are increased in frequency in patients with celiac disease. The increased risk of carcinoma of the esophagus may be related to vitamin A deficiency. A number of reports have indicated an increased prevalence of various types of chronic hepatitis in patients with celiac disease, but no coherent view of the cause of this association has emerged.  Similarly, patients with celiac disease have been reported to have various forms of fibrosing lung disease of uncertain causation. In recent years, there have been several reports, mainly from Italy, of a syndrome of epilepsy and bilateral brain calcification occurring in celiac patients. The pathogenesis of this condition is not known and its prevalence in other communities is uncertain. Splenic atrophy occurs frequently in patients with celiac disease and is related to the severity of the disease and degree of dietary control. Splenic atrophy predisposes to infection with capsulated bacteria, although mortality studies indicate that infection with these organisms is not a major cause of death in patients with celiac disease.

The Solution... Alpha Nutrition Program

Gluten Free: The exclusion of wheat, rye, barley are the initial steps when gluten intolerance is suspected.  We do not consider it adequate therapy for a single food group to be eliminated on the assumption that every other food will be well tolerated. Multiple food intolerances are common and should be assumed, rather than assuming that gluten intolerance is the only problem

Gluten restriction should be part of a more comprehensive dietary study, preferably in the form outlined in the Alpha Nutrition Program. The best dietary plans are based on what is good to eat, more than what is bad to eat! No-one wants to be confronted with long lists of foods they must avoid. It is better to build a diet from scratch, emphasizing the positive. There is an entire universe of foods not related to milk, gluten-cereals, and eggs, the most common problem foods!The Alpha Nutrition Program  is gluten-free and is recommended as the best diet revision strategy for anyone with diagnosed celiac disease, or any person with symptoms suggestive of gluten allergy. Learn more about the Alpha Nutrition Program  


Gluten Free: The exclusion of wheat, rye, barley are the initial steps when gluten allergy is suspected.  Gluten elimination should be part of a more comprehensive diet revision plan, preferably in the form outlined in the Alpha Nutrition Program. The Program  is gluten-free and is recommended as the best diet revision strategy for anyone with diagnosed celiac disease, or any person with symptoms suggestive of gluten allergy.  Learn more about the Alpha Nutrition Program  Gluten free recipes are found in the book, Alpha Nutrition Cooking and Recipes.

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