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Depression Causes and Solutions

A reasonable model of brain dysfunction would explain mental and behavioral symptoms as expressions of disturbed body processes. Not a single twitch, itch, pain, or moment of anxiety would be explained away as "psychological". The term "psychological" is meaningless in any case and should be dropped from the vocabulary of all serious students of the human experience.

Shifts in mood, changes in concentration, memory, motor control, and sensation can be interpreted at the level of altered brain function. The problems of adverse brain effects of nutrient deficiencies, the toxic effect of molecules derived from food, and the immunogenic potential of food proteins and peptides are seldom recognized.

We believe that eating too much of the wrong food causes mental illness. There are many different mechanisms. Some mechanisms of food-caused disease tend to be ignored in medical practice. For example, Allergy to proteins from cow’s milk, hen’s eggs and wheat are three common problems. One idea is that antibodies generated by food proteins or peptides can attack the brain. This immune mistake is generally known as molecular mimicry. A second idea is that food proteins or peptides generated from them during digestion can act directly on the brain

A third idea is that your brain is affected by immune responses in other parts of your body. All immune activity sends signals to the brain to change behavior and to recruit a range of defensive responses. Disturbances to brain function vary from routine effects such as sleepiness, fogginess, and brief episodes of confusion to symptoms of major mental or neurological illness.

Depression Solution Many of the symptoms included under the title of “depression” are typical of common food-related diseases including diabetes, atherosclerosis, malnutrition, hormonal dysfunction and delayed pattern food allergy. All these problems require diet revision.

We suggest that a prudent person suffering depression and body symptoms would be wise to pursue vigorous, thorough diet revision at the earliest opportunity. Because some brain dysfunction compromises judgmentlearning and motivation, family members, friends and professional advisors often have to provide the right direction and support.

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