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Topics from the book
Gluten Problems and Solutions

by Stephen Gislason MD

 Some Topics from the book

Dr. Gislason's Preface
What is Gluten?
What is Celiac Disease?
Diseases Related to Celiac Disease
Gluten Allergy
Digestive Tract Permeability
Gluten-Free Diet Revision
Celiac Diagnosis
Gluten and the Brain
Gluten and Lung Disease
Gluten and Liver Disease
Gluten and Kidney Disease
Dermatitis Herpetiformis
Celiac Disease & Cancer

Gluten and Liver Disease

Celiac disease and primary biliary cirrhosis have been reported to coexist in the same patient.  Niveloni et al  reported: Ten patients with primary biliary cirrhosis were evaluated a mean of 2 yr after diagnosis; three patients presented evidence of gluten sensitivity. All three had abnormal titers of antigliadin antibody type IgA and one was positive for endomysial antibody. Two patients had partial villous atrophy. The rectal gluten challenge showed a celiac-like response, evidenced by an increase in intraepithelial lymphocyte infiltration after gluten exposure, in the three patients.

The characteristic celiac HLA genotypes (DQA1 0501 and DQB1 0201) were identified in three patients. One of them also exhibited other features of gluten sensitivity. However, despite evidence of gluten intolerance, patients had minimal or no symptoms characteristic of celiac disease.

Kaukinen et al   reported: Liver abnormalities are common in patients with celiac disease and usually resolve with a gluten-free diet. We investigated the occurrence of celiac disease in patients with severe liver failure. Of the 4 patients with severe liver disease and celiac disease, 1 had congenital liver fibrosis, 1 had massive hepatic steatosis, and 2 had progressive hepatitis without apparent origin. Three were even remitted for consideration of liver transplantation.

Hepatic dysfunction reversed in all cases when a gluten-free diet was adopted. In the transplantation group, 8 patients (4.3%) had celiac disease. Six cases were detected before the operation: 3 had primary biliary cirrhosis, 1 had autoimmune hepatitis, 1 had primary sclerosing cholangitis, and 1 had liver fibrosis. Only 1 patient had maintained a long-term strict gluten-free diet.

Screening found 2 cases of celiac disease, 1 with autoimmune hepatitis and 1 with secondary sclerosing cholangitis. The possible presence of celiac disease should be investigated in patients with severe liver disease. Dietary treatment may prevent progression to hepatic failure, even in cases in which liver transplantation is considered.

Gluten Free: The exclusion of wheat, rye, barley are the initial steps when gluten allergy is suspected. Gluten elimination should be part of a more comprehensive diet revision plan, preferably in the form outlined in the Alpha Nutrition Program. The Program is gluten-free and is recommended as the best diet revision strategy for anyone with diagnosed celiac disease, or any person with symptoms suggestive of gluten allergy. Learn more about the Alpha Nutrition Program Gluten free recipes are found in the book, Cooking and Recipes.

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