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Alpha Formulas are gluten free and do not contain cows milk, soya, or egg ingredients. They are suitable for vegetarians.


Alpha OMX, Bone Health Nutrient Mix

Alpha OMX is designed

  • To promote bone growth and strength
  • To prevent and treat osteoporosis
  • To prevent and treat calcium and magnesium deficiency states

Alpha OMX, Osteo-Anabolic Nutrient Mix

Alpha OMX is carefully formulated blend of nutrients essential for bone growth and maintenance. The formula is used on a daily basis to prevent and treat osteoporosis.  All bone nutrients work together to strengthen bone as it grows and to maintain bone strength as we age. The key nutrients for bone health are calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, zinc, copper and manganese.

OMX was designed with women in mind because bone thinning has become a major health problem for aging women. Some research suggest that bone nutrient intake in teenage girls is an important determinant of bone health in later life. Women of all ages can benefit from nutrient supplementation.

Bone nutrients will also help men to achieve optimal bone health. The formula can be used to supplement the diets of children who are at risk of mineral or vitamin D deficiency and will prevent rickets. OMX can be used to prevent or to treat calcium and magnesium deficiency states

Most calcium supplement on the market are insoluble in water- they do not dissolve. If calcium is not dissolved, it cannot be absorbed. Soluble calcium compounds are the best to use and are best delivered in a powder form dissolved in juice or added to food. Calcium glycerophosphate is a soluble compound available and it is well tolerated in the gastrointestinal tract. Its higher solubility means better absorption and the daily dose of calcium required is less than calcium carbonate.

Alpha OMX is available as a powder in 500 Gram jars to be added to water, juices or food.

The Daily Dose of Alpha OMX 15 Grams per day, divided into two doses of about 1 heaping teaspoon twice a day.

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