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Alpha DMX Instructions

DMX  works best if  it is taken with little or no other food.

Daily Dose: 25 Grams as 2 servings of approximately 12.5 grams. An average teaspoon volume weighs about 6 grams depending on the shape of the spoon and how full it is. You can approximate a 12.5 gram serving as 2 teaspoons of formula. One 500-Gram jar supplies 20 or more days of nutritional support.

The Best  Way to Mix Alpha DMX with water in a blender. If your food tolerance permits - add frozen  fruits or vegetables or juices  in a blender to make pleasant drinks. We use frozen fruits + DMX + Water in a NutriBullet blender that quickly mixes the powder with the water and frozen fruit.  You can also mix Alpha DMX by shaking the formula with water or  juice in a closed container. Depending on your food tolerances, rice milk, Soya milk and yogurt may be added to the DMX mix and blended.

If you pour a DMX  mix into a glass or cup and let it sit, it tends to thicken and a small amount sediment  forms in the bottom. A shake or quick stir will re-suspend the solution. If you are going to sit and sip the formula, just keep a spoon or swizzle stick handy to remix the drink as needed.

Caking Tendency & Storage

Alpha DMX is stable at room temperature and has a shelf life of about 1 year. The formula absorbs moisture from the air and tends to cake. If clumps form, they are readily dispersed with a spoon or by shaking the formula jar. The lumps do not affect the function of the formula.  In hot, humid climates and to prolong shelf life, the formula can be refrigerated or frozen. Hot water? You an use warm water up to 50 degrees Celsius. Avoid using hotter water.  Do not cook DMX.

Download DMX Instructions   as a PDF file with complete formula information

Alpha DMX is a bottle full of nutrients designed to is designed to achieve high nutrient density with reduced caloric intake. DMX is best mixed with frozen fruit, vegetables or as juices in a blender. Depending on your food tolerances, rice milk, soya milk and yogurt may be added to the DMX mix and blended. Calories are provided by the food added to the DMX mix and eaten during the day. The formula contains no fats. DMX daily dose 25 Grams as 2 servings of 12.5 grams twice a day. Sold in 500-Gram jars that supply 20 or more days of complete nutritional support.

Download DMX Instructions as a PDF file with complete formula information

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