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Heart and Arterial Disease

The book, Heart and Arterial Disease is an intelligent guide that explains why more than 100 million Canadians and Americans have high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and are at risk of having heart attacks and strokes. They should seek the benefits of complete diet revision. We recognize considerable overlap of common diseases that originate in the food supply. A person with arterial disease often is overweight and has diabetes, for example.

Here is Dr. Gislason's Preface:

This book is written to inform people who are at risk of vascular disease or who already have diagnosed disease. The issues are complex and patient study is required to form an educated opinion about what strategies are desirable to prevent and to manage these common diseases. Concern about arterial disease has high priority in the public perception of disease. Drugs used to manage arterial diseases are among the most profitable chemicals ever invented. The extraordinary growth in variety and profitability of drugs to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and manage heart attacks and strokes is unmatched in medicine. Big money is invested in marketing and vested interests compete to control the public perception of these diseases.

Cardiologists know that atherosclerosis is a disease caused by eating too much of the wrong foods and exercising too little, but they are primarily interested in prescribing drugs. They earn money and gain prestige from knowing about these drugs. They tend to ignore the advantages of changing disease-causing conditions and focus on treating the consequences. In all fairness to physicians, most of their patients will not cooperate with attempts to modify their behavior and do not alter their disease causing life-style.

Most human problems can be solved by changing human behavior. This book is written for the intelligent, well-motivated reader who is capable of change. Too many humans are unwilling or unable to change and will remain victims of their own habits. This is not to argue that constructive changes in diet and lifestyle are easy to achieve. It is to argue that if you understand the issues and pursue a healthy revision of your food choices, exercise more, and lose weight you can enjoy a healthier, longer life. The Alpha Nutrition Program is comprehensive diet revision.

The topics discussed are

Proper Nutrition
Self Monitoring
Atherosclerosis, the food disease
Coronary Artery Disease
High Blood Pressure
Brain Circulation
Preventing Heart Attacks
Preventing Strokes
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Heart Failure
Reviews of drugs, side effects and controversies

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This book is intended to be used with the Alpha Nutrition Program The program is modular and versatile and can be adapted to a variety of disease conditions where diet and nutrition play a role. The good news is that even if you have a long problem list that appears to involve multiple diseases, all health problems tend to improve when you follow the Alpha Nutrition Program.

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