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    Alpha Nutrition Cooking expands the Alpha Nutrition Program instructions on food selection, meal preparation and recipe development. This text provides practical knowledge, helpful in understanding how to prepare foods and create recipes that are suitable for recovery from a variety of diseases.

    The needs of sick people determined the approach to cooking and recipes. In a practical sense, your kitchen becomes your personal chemistry laboratory where your recipes for better health are carefully put together and records of your progress are kept. You want 40 or so nutrients that your body extracts from the foods you eat. You want to minimize exposure to substances that are not nutrients. You want to balance nutrient intake so that your metabolism functions well. The recipes are gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free and follow a progressive path from Phase 1 foods ( a strict hypoallergenic diet) to a more expanded food list in Phase 3.

    The strategy of diet revision is to renew the importance of preparing and eating the right food for the restoration and maintenance of your health and well being. The program has been designed with a careful approach to food selection and preparation. Since health goals have priority, complex food mixtures and spicing are considered undesirable and many people have found that simple meals can look and taste delicious. A simple appreciation of basic foods can increase your pleasure in cooking and eating.

    The main task is to assess which foods are suitable to eat. Often, single foods have to be introduced in a slow sequence. When food evaluation is important, meal planning takes second place and kitchen skills may seem unimportant. As you progress and accept more safe food into your emerging diet, you need to spend more time and energy making meals interesting and varied.

    The program design is based on assumptions about food reactivity, safety, and overall desirability. These assumptions have been confirmed by 15 years of testing different food choices in a large number of patients who suffered from a variety of disorders. The program includes foods that we have found to be highly desirable nutritionally and, at the same time, caused the lowest incidence of adverse food reactions in a large group of people. The program excludes food choices - even popular choices - if these food choices created health problems. Rice, vegetables, and some fruits were among the best tolerated and most acceptable of all food choices.

    by Rathaporn Pawakanun MBA, Stephen Gislason MD and Alpha Nutrition Staff

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    • The books in this series address important health issues and their solution. Our books are designed to give you clear and simple directions and at the same time to provide essential scientific information. To solve a medical problem, important changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle are required. Smart people, given the right information, should be able to self-manage and solve their health problems. Selected topics from each book are available in the centers focused on specific diseases. Everyone, who is interested in Nutritional Therapy, will need a copy of the Alpha Nutrition Program.
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