Alcohol Problems and Solutions
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Alcohol Problems and Solutions

Read topics from the book,
Alcohol Problems and Solutions
by Stephen Gislason MD


Sample Book Topics

What is the Alcohol Problem ?
Alcoholics as Outlaws
Teenagers, Alcohol, Danger
Alcohol & Car Accidents
Alcoholics Anonymous
Good Person Clear Mind
Chemicals & Addiction
Alcoholic Beverages as Foods
Ethanol Chemistry
Brain Drug Warnings
Alcohol Recovery
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Better Idea... live a happy, healthy life.

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Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

The Problem is drinking too much of the wrong drinks

The Solution : Stop Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Dr. Gislason states in his preface to the book, Alcohol Problems and Solutions:

"I have learned that humans generally do things that they should stop doing. In addition, I have learned that reasonable, rational solutions to human problems are seldom pursued for very long. Alcohol abuse is one of the common human aberrations that has an easy, rational solution --- stop drinking. But drinkers routinely avoid the easy, rational path to health and happiness and instead pursue a self-destructive course that causes much harm and great human misery. This is a curious feature of the human mind that requires explanation.

Dr. Sidney Cohen, a drug abuse expert, described alcohol as "the most dangerous drug on earth." There are a variety of drinking patterns and the range of injury among alcohol abusers is great. Some are mildly injured and can recover on their own with the right tools and techniques. Others are critically injured, need hospitalization and prolonged rehabilitation with custodian supervision.  The challenge to a heavy drinker is not just to stop drinking for a while, but to stop forever.

Alcoholism is a complex and diverse problem. My book attempts to understand the problem of alcoholism and points to a comprehensive solution that requires alcohol abstinence and diet revision along with moral and mental resolve to restore a sane, sensible way of living. "


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Alcohol Problems Solutions

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