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We welcome orders for books formulas and starter packs from British Columbians and offer lower shipping cost and in some instances, free shipping. All orders are placed online. Sorry, we do not accept phone orders.

Alpha Nutrition ® is a registered trademark and a division of  Environmed Research Inc., founded in Vancouver, BC in 1984. Online since 1995. Alpha Nutrition moved its main office from West Vancouver to Sechelt in 2003.

A Short History...

Environmed Research Inc. was founded in 1984 In Vancouver, British Columbia by Dr. Stephen Gislason. The goal of the company was to pursue the basic biotechnology of health-promotion and disease prevention. The premise of the company was that the environment was the major determinant of health and disease; solving problems in the food supply, water, and air would be the basis of health-seeking activity in the future. The first focus was problems in the food supply. In Vancouver, Environmed Research became a publisher, an information hub, an educational group, a support system, a manufacturer of nutrient formulas and developer of the Alpha Nutrition Program, a basic strategy of nutritional medicine. The first Alpha Online website started in 1995 in West Vancouver and has grown into a large information center.

Persona AudioVisual, became a division of Environmed Research in 1984, to develop publications, music and video productions. The name was modified to Persona Digital in the 1990's. Persona Digital separated in 2006 to pursue the Persona Digital Books collection and to develop the Persona Digital Studio for recording and music creation. Persona Digital Online is an eBook, music store that reaches an international audience. Alpha Nutrition eBooks are downloaded from Persona Digital Online.

The first elemental nutrient formulas were developed and tested in 1989 and marketed in 1991 under the name ENFood. Initially the ENFood formula was manufactured on contract by Quest Vitamins Ltd. in Vancouver. After Quest stopped custom manufacturing, Alpha formulas were made by Rheema in Burnaby, B.C. Alpha Nutrition was created as a division of Environmed in 1998 and opened an office and formula manufacturing facility in West Vancouver. Online information, publishing and sales activities were expanded. Two websites were maintained with online information. An online order system, Alpha Online, was created in 1999.

Alpha Nutrition moved from West Vancouver to Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, just west of Vancouver In Jan 2003. In October 2004, four websites were integrated into one site Alpha Online with a new and improved online ordering system. 

Shipping Costs in British Columbia,  Vancouver, Sunshine Coast and adjacent regions. Shipping costs are the lowest for in-province delivery. Expedited mail is the least expensive and has been reliable within British Columbia.

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Environmed Research Intelligent Health Solutions

  • A Canadian Company

  • Founded in 1984 in Vancouver BC

  • Online Since 1995

  • Experts in Self-Managed Health Care

  • Experts in Elemental Nutrient Formulas

Alpha Nutrition was established as a division of Environmed Research in 1998. Alpha Nutrition® is a registered trademark.

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Stephen Gislason MD

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"Sechelt is the geographical center of the popular tourist area known as the Sunshine Coast just northwest of Vancouver BC and  Seattle, Washington. The town  is located on a narrow isthmus that forms a bridge between the waters of Georgia Strait and the Sechelt Inlet. Known as the hub of recreational opportunities - hiking, biking, sailing, fishing, kayaking - the town is  the home of the Sechelt Indian Band and the Annual Festival of the Written Arts. The Sechelt area climate is characterized by mild, moist winters and warm dry summers. Temperatures on the coast range from brief periods of freezing in winter to highs of 30C (90F) in summer. The annual rainfall is approximately 100cm (40in.)  The Sunshine Coast enjoys 270 growing days per year with temperatures over 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

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