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Alpha Nutrition Program
Alpha Nutrition Cooking
Managing Food Allergy
Food Allergy Abstracts
Immunology Notes
Inflammatory Arthritis
Aching & Fatigue
Air and Breathing
Feeding Children
Managing Diabetes 2
Eating & Weight
Digestive Disorders
Gluten Problems
 Arterial Disease
Skin Disease
Alcohol Problems
The Human Brain
Food Choices
Nutrition Notes
Self Care

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Stephen Gislason MD

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Neuroscience, Psychology,
Sociology & Philosophy

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Stephen J. Gislason MD

Dr Gislason wears several hats. You can find him every morning, reviewing the scientific literature and updating his articles and books. His first interest was brain science which he pursued since he was a premedical student in his teens. Dr. Gislason graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1967 and practiced medicine in British Columbia from 1971 to 1995.

Stephen is a physician, author, musician and composer. He is the chief composer, performer, arranger and studio engineer at Persona Digital Studio. He records as the P2500 Band, Em4U, and the Persona Classical Consort. The Classical Consort first appeared in 2007 to record pieces by JS Bach, Amadeus Mozart and other composers in the classical repertoire. His new arrangements and recordings of of popular music bring him pleasure and inspiration to develop new compositions. He states that he has been most attracted to beautiful ballads, modern jazz and lyrical melodies. He studied piano for many years, beginning a at age 5. As a child, he was immersed in classical music. In high school he played the trumpet in concert and dance bands and continues to play trumpet and flugelhorn parts on the keyboard. In the early 70s, he learned electronics, began building synthesizers and experimented with psychoacoustics. His study of neuroscience integrated nicely with his study of electronic sound processing and sound processing in the brain.

Stephen's arrangement cover a broad range of musical styles, including Jazz, Rock and Roll, Pop, Latin and Electronica. He selects Pop and R&R classics with good melodies and the potential for interesting instrumental arrangements. He experiments with new techniques of sound production, exotic rhythm instruments, unusual scales, and algorithmic composition. His interests include hypnotic sounds, meditation music, cool jazz, trance dance, chill, new age soothing music, and minimalist composers such as Philip Glass. He has stated that a meaningful inquiry into the possibilities for authentic new music will involve philosophy, neuroscience, acoustic science, technology, and a growing understanding of human nature.

Allergy and Nutrition

He developed an interest in allergy and nutrition after becoming ill on the early 80's and continues to follow the dietary discipline that he advocates to others. His Allergy Practice in Vancouver from 1984 to 1995 was a center of innovation and collaboration with patients and colleagues that lead to the development of the Alpha Nutrition Program and Alpha Elemental Nutrient Formulas. He was a member of the American College of Allergy and Immunology from 1984 to 1999. He has been the President and CEO of Environmed Research Inc since 1984 and, since 1995, he manages the company full time. The development of the Core Program, now the Alpha Nutrition Program, has been a collective effort and has evolved over the past 23 years. The first "Core Program" book was published in 1986 along with a book of Recipes. A book written for parents followed in 1989, The Core Diet For Kids and an associated book Core Program Cooking.

His books developed gradually from lecture notes and other presentations. In 1991 Dr. Gislason wrote "Nutritional Therapy, his survey of the theory and concepts behind his method of diet revision. In 1993 Nutritional Therapy Vol. 2 was published as a large format book that emphasized the practical instructions required to successfully solve health problems with diet revision. In 1998, the Core Program was transformed into the Alpha Nutrition Program. A series of texts acted as interfaces to the program, describing specific health concerns and were first published under the banner of Alpha Nutrition Health Education, abbreviated to Alpha Education in 2008. Dr. Gislason has continued to revise and expand these books into informative guides to common medical problems.

Persona Philosophy, Psychology & Neuroscience Series

Dr. Gislason had an early start in the study of philosophy and neuroscience. At age 16, he decided his main life task would be to pursue understanding the human mind. In the intervening years, he studied neuroanatomy, neurotransmitters, electronics, computer science, neuropsychology and at the same time he studied Buddhist philosophy and practiced a variety of meditation techniques. His medical career veered toward general practice in rural areas, because he wanted to live outside urban environments and loved the natural world of British Columbia. He attributes much of his education to living in close relationship with the pacific ocean, with wind, waves, plankton, fish, sea mammals and ocean birds." They taught me about life, minds, communication, networks and the interconnections of all living things." In 2000, he resumed his study of neuroscience topics and began assembling notes from over 30 years of study and contemplation to write books in the Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience Series. The Book of Brain acts as a bridge between the practical and medical emphasis in the Health Education Series and the Philosophy Series. The first book in the Philosophy Series, Existence and the Human Mind (2005) is an introduction to the essential topics that link Philosophy and Neuroscience. A new catalogue of books is ready for distribution.

In his preface to the first book, Existence and the Human Mind, Dr. Gislason stated:

"As a physician- philosopher, I have many vantage points. I allow my vantage point to shift from a detached observer viewing planet earth from the safety of distant space to an intimate and personal discussion of what life is like for me on a daily basis. Often, I am describing a physician’s point of view since I have spent more than 40 years serving in that role. Sometimes I am a visiting anthropologist making notes in a neighborhood café. At other times, I am concerned about the confusions and misunderstandings so common among my family, friends and patients. At other times I am a paleontologist or evolutionary psychologist imagining what life was like on planet earth 100 million years ago or what humans were like 50,000 years ago. Sometimes I am free spirit, a mystic, wandering this planet alone without profession or social status, an animal among animals, in love with nature and the primal feel of existence."

Topics from Dr. Gislason's Philosophy, Psychology & Neuroscience Series

Starter Packs are bundles of books and formulas that help you get started solving your health problems. Starter packs are sold at a discount to make it easy and affordable for you to learn more and try out the formula. Starter packs include 2 books, the Alpha Nutrition Program, and an additional book that explains in detail your health problem plus one 500 Gram jar of nutrient formula. You can try the nutrient formula, evaluate its effects and learn how you can use it as a tool of nutritional therapy to help solve your health problem. After reading the program instructions, you decide when you want to start the program, order more formula and get busy solving your health problems. If you are not ready for a starter pack, order books separately.

Formulas and Printed books are shipped to all destinations in Canada and USA. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars. US $ cost is lower and depends on the daily dollar exchange rate. Click Add to Cart buttons to begin and order for mail delivery (US and Canada). All books can be downloaded as PDF files. Click the Download buttons to order eBooks for download. Pay by Pay Pal for immediate download. Click the book titles (center column) to read topics from each book.

Alpha Education Books refer to the Alpha Nutrition Program, a standard method of diet revision.

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Alpha Nutrition Program
Aching and Fatigue
Air and Breathing
  Alpha Nutrition Cooking
Alcohol Problems & Solutions
Gluten Problems & Solutions
Managing Diabetes 2
  Eating and Weight Management
  Skin in Health and Disease
Feeding Children
  Human Brain in Health and Disease
Managing Food Allergy
Food & Digestive Disorders
  Food Choices
   Arterial Disease
  Immunology Notes
Managing Inflammatory Arthritis
  Nutrition Notes

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