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by Stephen Gislason

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Stephen Gislason MD


This new book is a must read for scholars and general readers alike.  The central feature of intelligence is the ability to understand what is really going on out there and to respond to events with successful and adaptive behavior.

Intelligence is built from subsystems that sense, decide, remember and act. It is fashionable to speak in terms of "mental abilities" and to list a number of different mental abilities in terms of educational concerns, such as reading, writing, math and music.

The brain is modular with a host of different functions contributing to intelligence. We expect and do find different arrangements of mental abilities in different people. If you consider the intelligence test of life overall, then you recognize that there is a range of abilities in any human population.

Smart people learn faster and learn more than not so smart people. Smart people also are more curious, seek more diverse experiences and absorb more information.  While smart people can do well in schools, they often are oppressed by limited school curricula and do better on the own. Many smart people are unschooled, but succeed because of their tendency to learn and their ability to apply information to their real life experiences.

Intelligence is manifest in the ability to acquire complicated skills and excel in performance by practice and progressive improvement. Competent people are smart people who have the discipline to practice and improve their performance.

There is a relationship between being nice person and being a competent person. In demanding, professional environments the nicest people tend to be the smartest and most competent. There are exceptions. 

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Intelligence and Learning

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