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Gout can be controlled by diet revision. Usually, a combination of medication and diet revision will achieve the best control. Attacks of Gout are exceedingly painful experiences and most victims are motivated to implement preventive measures.


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The purine content of food is only a contributing cause to gout. Other factors in the flood supply influence uric acid metabolism and also influence the kidneys ability to excrete uric acid. Acidic foods and beverages such as tea, coffee usually have to be avoided. If blood uric acid levels are high, several cups of coffee can tip the balance by acidifying the blood and urine and an attack of gout can be triggered.

Many gout suffers will feel minor symptoms as their tissue uric acid levels rise- aching and tenderness in susceptible joints - for many days before an acute attack. If they heed the warning and stop all risky foods, the uric acid levels will subside and the painful attack is averted. The highest purine content is found in animal foods, especially meats and some seafoods. The total consumption of meat should be reduced and organ meats avoided. The only vegetable foods with high purine content are legumes, especially kidney beans.

The Alpha Nutrition Program has features that are helpful to gout sufferers, especially if gout accompanies other food-related diseases such as obesity, atherosclerosis and diabetes. The goal in an overweight person is to make a permanent diet change following Alpha Nutrition principles. We usually recommend combing diet revision with the preventive medication such as probenicid.

A food holiday on Alpha ENF will quickly reduce  uric acid levels while establishing the foundation for a new, healthier diet regimen. Phase 1 of Alpha Nutrition works well to reduce uric acid levels and can be used as a retreat strategy when warning symptoms appear. There are four conditions in phase 1 to reduce uric acid concentrations:

  1. Maximum portion size of poultry 3 oz/day

  2. Smaller portions of peas and green beans (never both on the same day)

  3. Add baking soda to alkalinize the urine: 1/2 teaspoon four times a day

  4. Increased water intake - 8 x 8 ounce glasses per day.