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    Nutrition Notes

    The New Revised Nutrition Notes is a mini-course on nutrition that covers essential knowledge in a practical format.This book is valuable to a wide range of people. We recommend it to students, nutritionists, physicians and to everyone who is interested in preventing and healing food-related diseases, the most common diseases in the US and Canada.

    From Dr Gislason's Preface:

    Nutrition notes began as my notebook, studying biochemistry more than 30 years ago. As a medical student, I was fascinated by biochemistry and drew large charts on my walls showing the interrelationships of intermediary metabolism. Nutrients are the input to metabolism and you might assume that foods in reasonable combinations will provide the necessary input. When you are a student, you are busy learning what is known and lack the experience to ask good questions about what is not known. I, for example, did not have any questions about problems involved in digesting foods into nutrients and problems absorbing nutrients. I never imagined that such good things as food proteins could cause disease. I never considered that the immune system would interact with the food supply and produce disease. These questions arose many years later, after I became ill and discovered that some foods made me so.

    The term nutrition means mean a lot of different things to different people. Some people adopt the term as a professional label; many companies borrow the term to claim a relationship to professional nutrition. Universities may have departments of nutrition. Often the study of nutrition is disconnected from the real world of agricultural practices, food processing and distribution. The intense marketing efforts of food and drug companies flood the media with deliberately biased information that confuses everyone.

    I hope that Nutrition Notes will fill the need for a guide to therapy-based nutritional knowledge. I hope that physicians and dieticians will read this book so that they can apply their revised knowledge to help people solve health problems. I also hope that all intelligent people who have to learn about nutrition to solve their own health problems will benefit from reading this book and keeping it as a reference.

    Author Stephen J. Gislason MD

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