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Food Choices , a Book about Food Chemistry, Quality & Safety

This book describes some of the more important and more interesting features of food chemistry and develops a perspective on the healthier food choices included in the Alpha Nutrition Program. Food chemistry is complex and involves both chemicals intrinsic to food and chemicals added to and contaminating food. The food supply in any region of the world involves sampling the chemistry of the agricultural environment. In the good old days, food originated close to home and consumers sampled the local environment. Now food is shipped all over the world. Consumers sample exotic environments with no knowledge of the sources.

There are many complicated issues influencing proper food selection. Food choices have been changing rapidly and will continue to change for personal health reasons, but also in the next decades, we will change collec­tively. Some changes will be voluntarily and oth­ers will well be imposed on us by shifting economics, political upheavals, climate changes, population growth, and crop failures. Food choices in affluent coun­tries already involve new and unusual combinations of food chemistry that has never been experienced before in the history of life on earth.

Thousands of new chemicals have entered the food chain as additives and contaminants. Immune-mediated (allergic) diseases are increasing and create expensive, chronic and debilitating illnesses. Each person interacts with food, home and work environments that determine his or her biological fate. In industrialized countries, the microenvironment of each person is controlled by human constructions and is generally polluted by toxic substances. The extent of this chemical contamination is seldom measured and the effects are poorly understood. As environmental problems multiply, new ill-defined illnesses will increase.

If your premise is that foods in common uses are good foods, healthy for everyone to eat, you will be disappointed. On the other had, if you premise is that foods are too dangerous to eat; you will lead an unhappy and malnourished life. A balanced point of view is developed in the Alpha Nutrition Program. The most reliable rule is that people should eat plant foods that have been in common use for centuries. Vegetables and fruits provide good nutrition and have additional benefits. Non-nutrient chemicals in plants can add unexpected benefits when included in the diet. These non-nutrient substances are now referred to as "phytochemicals" which just means, "plant chemicals".

Alpha Nutrition Program Food Choices

The Alpha Nutrition Program begins with the idea that everyone has a small set of best-fit foods that would allow them to feel and function optimally. The first goal is to identify the simplest set of best foods for each person.  We argue that a return to simpler foods would have important biological advantages. We seem to work better when we have a simple, regular food supply - no surprises.

Alpha Nutrition routines are based on numerous decisions which arrived at a set of policies which do three important things:

  • Simplify a very complex situation
  • Create order when chaos threatens to take over
  • Establish a critical path in a maze of possibilities

The core-concept also made good nutritional and economic sense. Human diets all over the world are based on a set of staple foods. The core of a new, healthy, modern diet should be a small number of staple foods. But which staple foods? The ability of the Alpha Nutrition Program to solve food allergy problems could be considered one of its most important advantages over any other system of diet revision. The Alpha Nutrition Program is based on assumptions about food reactivity, safety, and overall desirability. These assumptions have been confirmed by 20 years of testing different food choices in a large number of patients who suffered from a variety of disorders.

The core-concept developed as we kept score of adverse food reactions reported by patients. The program includes foods that we have found to be highly desirable nutritionally and, at the same time, caused the lowest incidence of adverse food reactions in a large group of people. The program excludes food choices - even popular choices - if we found that these food choices commonly created health problems. We found that rice, vegetables, and some fruits were among the best tolerated and most acceptable of all food choices.

Whatever the complex of reasons behind the food problems we have observed, the health-seeking goal of Alpha Nutrition is based on a return to a diet of simple, carefully selected, natural foods. Fresh or frozen vegetables, fruit, and rice products are the primary food choices. Poultry, fish, and small quantities of red meat are also suggested unless you have a vegetarian preference. Legumes, tofu and soya products are meat alternatives. Flavoring herbs, spices, and a small number of prepared or manufactured foods are suggested. These foods allow you to reconstruct daily menus, with confidence of good nutrition, and stable life-long eating habits

Food Choices  Author Stephen J. Gislason MD

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Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Classification of Food Components
  4. Nutritional Programming
  5. Alpha Nutrition Program Food Choices
  6. Program Food Exclusions
  7. Phytochemicals
  8. Aromatic Substances
  9. Terpenes
  10. Carotenoids
  11. Phytosterols
  12. Phenols
  13. Flavonoids
  14. Isoflavones
  15. Catechins, Gallic Acids
  16. Lipoic Acid and Ubiquinone
  17. Glucosinolates
  18. Grapefruit Factor X
  19. Food Additives
  20. Sulphites
  21. Nitrates and nitrites
  22. Salicylates
  23. Food Colors
  24. Monosodium Glutamate
  25. Aspartame
  26. Negative Chemicals in Food
  27. Alkaloids
  28. Lectins
  29. Castor Beans
  30. Cooking Chemistry
  31. Garlic and Onions
  32. Nutmeg, Drugs in Spices
  33. Hot Spices, Peppers
  34. Brassicas
  35. Deadly Nightshades
  36. Cassava
  37. Fish-Odor Syndrome
  38. Herbs and Teas
  39. Legumes
  40. Soya
  41. Soya Problems
  42. Soy Allergy
  43. Soy Products
  44. Proteins and Amino Acids
  45. Immune-Mediated Protein Diseases
  46. Distribution of Antigen
  47. Cow’s Milk Proteins
  48. Gluten Proteins
  49. Jacob Creuzfelt Disease and Mad Cows:
  50. Non-Nutrient Amino Acids
  51. Cycad Beans and Lytico-Bodig
  52. Peptides Derived From Food Proteins
  53. Alcoholic Beverages
  54. Distillation
  55. Beer and Ale
  56. Wines
  57. Ethanol
  58. Metabolism of Ethanol
  59. The Negative Effects of ABs
  60. Toxicity to Digestive Organs
  61. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  62. Nucleotides and Gout
  63. Food Safety
  64. Foodborne Infection
  65. Staphylococcus
  66. Salmonella
  67. Campylobacter
  68. Escherichia coli O157:H7
  69. Toxoplasma gondii
  70. Cryptosporidium parvum
  71. Norwalk virus
  72. Food Toxins
  73. Fungi in Food
  74. Botulinus
  75. Shellfish-Associated Toxins
  76. Atlantic Mussels and Memory Loss
  77. Food Contaminants
  78. Pesticides
  79. Dioxins
  80. Aluminum
  81. Heavy Metals
  82. Radioactive Isotopes
  83. Abstracts from the Literature
  84. How aspartame prevents the toxicity of ochratoxin
  85. Ochratoxin A and prevention by aspartame
  86. Aspartame: scientific evaluation
  87. Neonatal exposure of male rats to estrogens
  88. Goitrogenic and estrogenic activity of soy isoflavones.
  89. Effects of soy phytoestrogens on breast cancer
  90. Uterine Adenocarcinoma… Genistein
  91. Neurobehavioral actions of isoflavonoids
  92. Experimental colon cancer… genistein.
  93. Fusarium …western Canadian wheat.
  94. Tofu with late life cognitive impairment and dementia
  95. Soya protein on the menstrual cycle
  96. Infants & estrogens from soya infant formula
  97. Anti-thyroid isoflavones from soyabean:
  98. Grapefruit juice: potential drug interactions
  99. Appendix
  100. Alpha Nutrition Nutrient Formulas
  101. Alpha Nutrition Program

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