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Alcohol Problems and Solutions

This book explains the basic facts of alcohol abuse and  the consequences. Alcoholic Beverages are the "Great Imitators," since regular ingestion of alcoholic beverages in excess produces many disease patterns involving every part of the body. Even moderate alcohol abuse can distort the personality, emotions and intellect of the "social drinker," producing the commonest patterns of psychopathology that afflict our society. The personality distortion is a consequence of brain dysfunction cause by ethanol, other chemical pathogens in alcoholic beverages and malnutrition.

We have different readers in mind:

  1. People who are close to an alcoholic and are learning more about how to help
  2. People who suspect that they are drinking too much and have enough common sense and instinct for health that they are learning about alcoholism, defining their own problem and planning to solve that problem before it gets out of control
  3. People in recovery who are already involved in AA, other programs and are struggling with addictive patterns of eating and drinking and need to learn more about long-term recovery.
  4. People who are involved in alcohol abuse prevention programs.
  5. People who are involved in the treatment of alcoholics.

Good self-care has several components:

  • You learn as much as you can about the problem
  • You avoid dogmatic positions and unrealistic beliefs.
  • You plan to sustain beneficial changes for years to come.

There are a variety of drinking patterns and the range of injury among alcohol abusers is great. Some are mildly injured and can recover on their own with the right tools and techniques. Others are critically injured and need hospitalization and prolonged rehabilitation with custodial supervision.  The book also explains how a recovering alcoholic can restore healthy nutrition that will support long-term success. A food holiday on Alpha ENF is often the best way to begin recovery and the Alpha Nutrition Program is an ideal way to design a safer, healthier long-term diet.

Table of Contents

The Problem
A Story
What's Wrong with Our Story?
Alcoholics as Outlaws
Teenagers, Primitive Tribes and Initiation
Disturbed Teens
Alcohol and Car Crashes
The Solutions
Alcoholics Anonymous
Solution 2 - The Biological Fix
Using the Alpha Nutrition Program
Safe, Effective DeTox
The Setting for Change

An Overview of Human Behavior
Who Am I?
Looking for Something
Drives & Cathexis
Hunger, Pleasure & Eating
Good and Bad Chemicals
One System: PsycheSomaWorld
Wealth and Happiness
Molecular Switches
Eigenstates & Cocktail Parties
The Addictive Loop
Food Peptides as Drugs
Chocolate, Coffee and Tea
Adapting the Alpha Nutrition Program
Chemistry of Alcoholic Beverages
Beer and Ale
Food Allergy
Metabolism of Ethanol
Adverse Health Effects
Water and Electrolyte Depletion
Vitamin Deficiency
Vitamin B6; Pyridoxine
Vitamin B3 Niacin
Vitamin B12 - Cobalamin
Toxicity to Digestive Organs
Alcohol and Cancer
National Institute (USA) on Alcohol Abuse

Starter Packs are bundles of books and formulas that help you get started solving your health problems. Starter packs are sold at a discount to make it easy and affordable for you to learn more and try out the formula. Starter packs include 2 books, the Alpha Nutrition Program, and an additional book that explains in detail your health problem plus one 500 Gram jar of nutrient formula. You can try the nutrient formula, evaluate its effects and learn how you can use it as a tool of nutritional therapy to help solve your health problem. After reading the program instructions, you decide when you want to start the program, order more formula and get busy solving your health problems. If you are not ready for a starter pack, order books separately.

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Alpha Education Books refer to the Alpha Nutrition Program, a standard method of diet revision.

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Alpha Nutrition Program
Aching and Fatigue
Air and Breathing
  Alpha Nutrition Cooking
Alcohol Problems & Solutions
Gluten Problems & Solutions
Managing Diabetes 2
  Eating and Weight Management
  Skin in Health and Disease
Feeding Children
  Human Brain in Health and Disease
Managing Food Allergy
Food & Digestive Disorders
  Food Choices
   Arterial Disease
  Immunology Notes
Managing Inflammatory Arthritis
  Nutrition Notes

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