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Alpha Online is the Internet Division of Environmed Research Inc. Alpha Online offers medical information and an ecommerce store to order books, nutrient formulas, and Starter Packs. Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Two book catalogues are presented, the Alpha Nutrition Education Series and Persona Digital Books, written by Stephen Gislason MD. Alpha Online offers both print books for mail delivery and eBooks for download. You can order eBooks for download at low cost with no shipping charges.

Alpha Nutrition is dedicated to helping people find solutions for medical problems. We are interested in clean air and water. Without a healthy environment, there will be no healthy humans. Alpha Online is a hub for twenty five Medical Information Centers. Each center acts as its own web site with a home page and a list of links to relevant topics. Take advantage of 800 pages of text which describe common medical problems and introduce you to innovative solutions such as Alpha ENF and the Alpha Nutrition Program.

Fantastic website Extremely valuable information. Unbelievable amount of research and guidelines. One would have to buy several medical books of great expense to track down this info ...Your program sounds like it is healthy and effective... Thanks for sharing your research. It is a real service to your readers, both professional and lay. Marilyn B."

Alpha Education Books (listed on the left) cover a range of topics and suggestions for practical solutions. We emphasize self-help and apply the best information available from basic science and medical studies. We are interested in the intelligent application of nutritional science.

Persona Digital publishes a series of books on current topics in psychology, sociology, neuroscience and philosophy -- available from Alpha Online. These books have been written by Stephen Gislason and go beyond the practical applications described in the Alpha Education series.

Environmed Research Inc. makes medical information available online as a public service. We have in mind people who seek information and are accustomed to making their own decisions. We regularly receive requests for advice managing an illness. Many of these requests can be answered by a more careful reading of texts online and reading our books. If you are interested in solving a medical problem using nutritional therapy, consider reading the Alpha Nutrition Program. Or you can start by ordering one of the Alpha Nutrition Starter Packs that includes both books and nutrient formulas.

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Persona Digital Books

  1. Human Nature
  2. I and Thou
  3. Language & Thinking
  4. Good Person - Ethics
  5. Religion 21st Century
  6. Pieces,  Puzzle
  7. Emotions & Feelings
  8. Human Brain
  9. Neuroscience Notes
  10. Children & Family
  11. Intelligence & Learning
  12. Sound of Music
  13. Surviving Human Nature

Persona Digital Studio  presents topics from the Sound of Music and music recordings created by Stephen Gislason.

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Alpha Nutrition is a trademark and a division of Environmed Research Inc., founded in 1984 at Vancouver, BC, Canada. Online Since 1995. Experts in Self-Managed Care. Experts in Elemental Nutrient Formulas. Head Office is located in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.  Send email to

Persona Digital publishes a series of books on current topics in psychology, sociology, neuroscience and philosophy. All volumes can be ordered as eBooks and can be downloaded from Alpha Online to many destinations on the planet. Pay for eBooks by Pay Pal for immediate download delivery.

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